Information management Policy

1. Data of the responsible
Responsible for the treatment of databases: MASCONTROL CONSULTORES S.A.S. (Hereinafter the company)
Carrera 89 # 38 – 31 Apartment 301
Phone Number: 319 4712410

2. Treatment that will be given to the data
The company in this case presented as responsible for the data treatment and the personal type information for the sole purpouse of properly carrying out their work in the requested services by the client, gets, stores, uses, moves or deletes personal data from natural or legal persons corresponding to the company's interest groups. This data are: Identification (NIT or Personal ID), data contained in the RUT, names, surnames, business name, establishment name, address, phone number email, applied studies, personal references, information obteined from the company as production area, productive inventory and obtained production; in addition to the data required for the development of the object of the contract when applicable.
2.1 Purpose for which the data processing is carried out
2.1.1 Monitoring of activities, evolution in the time, fulfillment of goals, indicators improvement,specific points correction and and other implicit and explicit parameters, inherent to the specific service for each client.
2.1.2 Evaluation of the service on a regular basis, using measurement methodologies for continuous improvement in the company.
2.1.3 To comply with legal guidelines by which the company is governed.
2.1.4 Constant supply for the databases, interactive technological tools and platforms that the company has.
2.1.5 To fulfill the commitments made with the customers.
2.1.6 Communicate customer billing and account statements
2.1.7 Information on changes in content relevant to the company's stakeholders.
2.1.8 Inherent activities in the human management of the company.
2.1.9 Notifications to all the company's interest groups in emergency case.

3. Rights that assist holders
All persons who are the object of the processing of the handling of personal data have the right to:
3.1 To know, consult and rectify their data at the time they consider appropiate
3.2 To request information about the use that is being given to your personal data.
3.3 To request the deletion of their data, as long as the service provision contract is not in force, or except that a legal requirement indicates the impossibility of deleting personal data.

4. Responsible for the attention of any requirement
The requests, inquiries and claims can be directed to the Customer Service Process by the email; where you can exercise your rights established in numeral 2.

5. Procedure to exercise the rights of the holders of the data to be processed
A letter should be addressed to the customer service process, which should contain the following structure:
5.1 Date of sending the letter.
5.2 Customer service process.
5.3 Subject to be attended.
5.4 Development of the concern.
5.5 Signature and Personal ID of the legal representative, attorney or the owner of the data.

6. Effective date of the treatment policy
This data protection policy begins to take effect from June 24, 2017